Free Online Criminal Background Checks - Should You Trust Their Reports?

It's an old cliché but what you get is usually worth what you pay for it. This applies to background checks too. A lot of people want free information and off they go on a big online investigation thinking that they will find a goldmine of information. I'm not saying that you cannot hit pay dirt with free information but you have to be careful both with the information you find and with the information that you do not find.

Free might get you information that has been captured in court records or newspaper articles. And even that might not be information that relates to the person you are checking out. How much do you know about the person? Is the name you are checking the person's real name? When was she born? What is his social security number? If you don't have the right starting point you are going to fail in your hunt for more information.

The fact is that the detailed information is stored in secured databases and there is a very slim chance of getting into these for free. If all you want is some basic information such as phone number, home address, and work history, you might fare just fine in your quest for information. At least you have an idea of how you can contact neighbors to ask about the person. And that can be very valuable to the information seeker. This kind of information can be found in a basic search engine such as Google.

It is a good idea to run a few free attempts at gathering information. The basic free searches are a great way to uncover basic public information but you have to wonder just how satisfying basic information is going to be. The only way to really get up-to-date reports with the latest and most accurate details is to use paid services.

Suppose you want more information on the person, how do you sort out the good from the bad when it comes to using a research service? How crucial is the information to your well being? If it is crucial, it is a good idea not to rely merely on free information. If you do decide to pay for information, look for companies that have been around for a while - more than a couple of years and check their testimonials.

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